VGM Live, LLC is a full service marketing, public relations and event production firm.


Social Media Marketing
Social media is a viral and ever-evolving marketing tool. It creates an online community and allows you to engage in an ongoing dialogue with your followers. When utilized correctly, social media allows you to build brand-awareness with the repetitive exposure of consistent and relevant content.


Event Production

Promotional and networking events are critical to your marketing plan. Events are a great platform in which to interact with and educate stakeholders, clients and potential clients. Events build brand-awareness and allow you to position yourself ahead of competitors by providing a unique, content-driven experience.


Public Relations

Public relations is the science of managing the relationship between you and your publics. Publics include clients, potential clients, consumers, sponsors, employees, opinion leaders and others you believe to be a part of your target audience. It is essential for you to foster positive relationships to ensure continued business success.


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